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Op-Eds | Op-Eds can change minds! Learn how to frame your issue of passion using your experience and knowledge as a pediatrician to change the public discourse. This workshop will be led by Louis Freedberg (executive director) and Smita Patel (director of communications and partnerships) of EdSource — a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which reports on education in California and has the largest team of education reporters in the state. Together they have extensive experience in reporting and hold accolades in journalism. They will be joined by Michael Bakal, a doctoral student at UC Berkeley's graduate school of education who previously worked as a strategic communications specialist with Berkeley Media Studies Group. They are excited to help you get your next piece published!


Berkeley Media Studies Group | This local nonprofit founded in 1993 to help public health professionals and community groups use power of the media to advance public health will be hosting two workshops at the conference:

  • BMSG Introduction to Media Advocacy - A workshop to teach you how to develop your media strategy and frame your advocacy message.

  • BMSG Media Spokesperson Training - Become a spokesperson for your issue and learn some interview skills for your advocacy issue of  passion.  


AAP CA Priorities & Time-Efficient Advocacy Tips | Kris Calvin—CEO of the American Academy of Pediatrics, California—has been honored by the CA Assembly, Senate, and Governor's office for her child advocacy work. She has trained thousands of CA pediatricians in advocacy, and working with pediatrician leaders, has achieved success on hundreds of CA child health bills over the past two decades. Join Kris by registering for one or both of her workshops:

  • AAP CA Priorities - Learn about current CA legislation have an opportunity to shape  advocacy priorities for AAP-CA in 2020.

  • Time-efficient Advocacy Tips - Participants will gain clear, concrete strategies and tips for time-effective advocacy that fits into busy lives.  


Social Media and Online Publishing Meet Dr. Patricia Salber, internist, emergency medicine physician, and founder and CEO of The Doctor Weighs In, an award-winning mobile/online platform that shares stories about health care innovation. She will teach how social media can amplify physicians voices for personal and public healthcare. What to do and what not to do. Also, some new rules of the road in the era of social media misinformation. You will explore social media options. What are the pros and cons of each one? Which one is right for you? Bring your fully charged digital device for this hands on workshop! Twitter: @docweighsin


Develop an Advocacy Strategy | Learn how to create a strategic plan involving legislation, media, education campaigns, and other tools to create substantive policy change. This workshop will be led by Tim Valderrama, a California State Capitol veteran who has served in staff leadership roles in both the Senate and Assembly, and Sanjay Ranchod, a member of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and Vice President and General Counsel for Firefly.


Writing an AAP Annual Leadership Forum (ALF) Resolution | Resolutions are formal ways to bring new ideas, issues, and solutions to the forefront of discussion within the AAP at Chapter, District, and National levels. Learn how to draft and submit a resolution for the AAP ALF from Dr. Paula Whiteman, MD, FAAP, FACEP, veteran resolution-writer (including several voted top 10 nationwide), current District IX Vice Chairperson, and former AAP-CA Chapter 2 President, and from Dr. John Takayama, former AAP-CA Chapter 1 President who serves on the Executive Committee of the AAP Section on Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics.

Twitter: @DrPaulaWhiteman


Micro-Mentoring | Sit down for a series of one-on-one sessions with advocacy greats in the Bay Area.  Get advice about how to maximize your impact on the child health issues that matter most to you, navigate your career, and build connections. It's like speed dating... but better! 

Check out the bios of our inspiring MicroMentors here!

In between meetings with your micro-mentors you will have a chance to visit our social media table with an expert who can help set up a new account and show you the basics or help take your social media game to the next level by helping you unleash your inner #tweetiatrician! The social media table will be run by Dr. Sonia Khan. A former PICU physician who now pursues healthcare, public health and public safety legislation in Sacramento & DC, Dr. Khan has spent ten years studying the art of public communication of science & medicine on social media, especially Twitter, in an effort to invoke public support for good policy.  She has been entrenched in the battles for the affordable healthcare act, vaccine legislation, gun violence prevention legislation, and most recently, tobacco and vaping legislation. She now serves as the Vice-Chair of the Human Relations Commission of Fremont, California, and also as the Medical Director of the SUD Program at Youth & Family Services, Human Services Dept. for the City of Fremont.  She is the founder, owner and director of Pediatric Crisis Solutions Consulting.


Advocacy and Organizations: Navigating Cultural Landscapes l Dr. Anda Kuo form UCSF and Dr. Lisa Chamberlain from Stanford University have been at the forefront of advocacy education in California and nationally.  In this workshop, you will learn the standard frames for analyzing organizations, identify key child advocacy stakeholders, identify their unique characteristics in building advocacy partnerships, and apply the organizational framework to analyze an advocacy case study.

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