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Election day is Tuesday November 3rd! ​Vote like children's futures depend on it. 












There is a huge connection between health equity and voting. AAP's Get Out the Vote campaign is rooted in the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to live to their full health potential. Voting is one of the the main ways we can influence the public polices that address health inequities in our communities.  

Pediatricians witness how health care access, nutrition, education, the legal system and so much more impact the health and safety of our patients and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the inequities that exist across our country and the long overdue national dialogue on racial justice has underpinned the necessary work ahead we have as a country to end racism.

The stakes are high, and children are counting on us. 

For more information: 

  • Visit for a suite of resources on the campaign and the connection between health equity and voting, information on key child health issues, tools to encourage your patients and families to vote and ways AAP members can share the importance of voting 

  • Find more about the VOICE Project, which began at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. Through nonpartisan outreach, capacity-building, and research in pediatric spaces serving communities disenfranchised by political systems, the VOICE project aims to empower youth and amplify their voices to advocate for their health, interests, and communities everywhere by voting. 

  • Check out tools from VotER, a non-profit, non-partisan voter registration effort the AAP is partnering with this year. You can sign up to receive a Healthy Democracy toolkit or download a digital file to safely and easily urge families in your practice to register to vote.

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