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preparing for paperless

Understanding the environmental footprint that large conferences like these can have in terms of resources utilized and waste generated, we aim to minimize our environmental impact.  To accomplish this, we're choosing swag items that promote re-use and minimize waste and we're making this conference as paperless as possible.  This will invariably come with kinks and frustrations, and we appreciate your patience and dedication as we journey together on making this conference eco-conscious! See below for advice on how to prepare for this paperless:

  • Please bring a computer or tablet with you on the day of the conference.  It is required in certain workshops and will allow you to easily access workshop and lecture materials.  We will have a secure coat check in the evening where you can leave your electronic devices for the reception.​

  • You will receive a PDF with the schedule, speaker slides, and workshop slides via email a few days before the conference.  The the speaker and workshop slides will also be available here as PDF files and via QR code at the conference. Please download a QR code reader if your phone does not have one automatically built in. 


  • If you would like to take notes, we encourage participants to take notes electronically on their devices when possible.  Please bring your own notepad and pen if you prefer to use paper to take notes.

Our efforts to go paperless will save 12,000 sheets of paper, prevent 732lbs of carbon from being released into the atmosphere, and save 4,680 gallons of water!

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